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For Yourself

Discover the joy of an intentional faith & a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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with others

Share your love for Christ & learn to accompany others on their journey of faith.

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In Your Home

Learn to share faith stories that nurture your family and create a Christ-centered home.

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At Your Parish

Create a culture of intentional discipleship at your parish, school or diocese.


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$ 0.99 Resource Guide: Prayer

One reason many of us don't pray more often or better is because we have questions and uncertainties about prayer. We worry that we're doing it wrong or that it's not really working. The good news is that you have heard God calling you to pray more. This Resource Guide will help you take the first step toward responding to that call.  Read more...

$ 0.99 Resource Guide: Lectio Divina

We refer to the Bible as God’s Word because the Scriptures are one of the easiest and clearest places to hear God speaking to you.  This Resource Guide can help you dive into a new level of prayer - into a deeper relationship with God. Experience a true encounter with the Lord in His Word, and let the encounter transform you. Read more...

$ 0.99 Resource Guide: Theology of The Body

St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body is the study of the meaning and purpose of the human person and what we reveal about the One in whose image we were made. This Resource Guide will help you to grow in understanding and appreciation of St. John Paul II's beautiful teaching on the Theology of the Body. Read More...

$ 2.99 Audio: God's Love - A Pure Gift of Himself

You've heard it over and over again, "God loves you."  But do you know what it means to be loved by God?  In this talk, Executive Director Kristin Bird explores God's love for you.  With passion and humor she explains how to listen to God, and how to know, feel, see, and believe that you are His beloved Through prayer, she helps you reject the liest hat keep you from embracing the Heavenly Father's love for you. (.mp3 download file)

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