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Mass for the Brokenhearted Worship Aid

Some communities are responding to the scandal in our Church with Masses specifically reaching out to those affected in any way.  These are often called Masses of Reparation or Masses of Lament.  However, one parish - St. Gabriel the Archangel in Neenah, WI - has recognized how even the language we use can better reflect a posture of listening.  They are avoiding insider or "churchy" language by referring to their Mass as a "Mass for the Brokenhearted."

From the worship aid:

We hope you find in this gathering a measure of the healing that we all seek. Scripture and music and prayers have been chosen to help articulate our sorrows and point our way forward together. May the words, melodies, silences, and gestures minister to all of us. While this is only one step in a lifelong journey, may we re-commit ourselves to supporting one another as the Body of Christ, wounded and yet redeemed.