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Engaging Teens in the Theology of the Body

Tips, suggestions and resources for helping teens engage in the Theology of the Body as more than just "Catholic Sex Ed."  

Reducing TOB to chastity education deprives students of the incredible beauty of this teaching. Theology of the Body does more than help us understanding Catholic sexual morality. It provides a ‘lens’ through which to view the whole mystery of human life, leaving no part of our world or our faith untouched.

Take the time to lay a strong foundation and delve deep into TOB as worldview. Examining hot-button issues through the lens of TOB helps students be able to recognize the reason for the Church’s teachings even if they continue to disagree. 

An integrated approach helps students see that the Theology of the Body is a unifying vision that brings together all of the Church’s teachings — social justice, prayer & sacraments, discipleship, Christology — TOB can help students understand and appreciate all of these and more.