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Resources for Your Journey of Discipleship

Find tools to equip and support your call to live as a misisonary disciple in your home, workplace, and community. These practical, boots-on-the-ground tested resources have helped Catholics just like you grow in relationship with Jesus and share faith more effectively with others.  

  Prayer Survey

Our prayer survey helps you identify your current prayer attitudes and practices. The results can help you set realistic goals for improving your prayer life no matter where you are today. 

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The Making Disciples Today Blog has reflections to help you grow in your journey of missionary discipleship, reviews on Catholic evangelization resources, and practical insight on how to evangelize in your daily life. 

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  Book A Speaker

Our speakers are passionate about sharing the joy of learning our faith and applying it to the daily lives of average Catholics.  We offer totally customized short talks, formation events, parish missions, and full day retreats on a variety of faith topics.


  Event Resources

Whenever our team is doing an event in a parish or diocese, we create a resource page just for that event!  If you attended a recent event with Burning Hearts Disciples, you can access the downloads, resource links, and other follow up content here.   

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Burning Hearts Resource Guides & Audio Talks

prayer-cover-7022140We know that there are a plethora of resources out there to help those who want to grow in their faith – but that so many Catholics get overwhelmed at the thought of having to sift through the thousands of books listed on Amazon or the Catholic blogs and news sources that are out there.  We have combed through the thousands upon thousands of available books, videos, CDs, websites, podcasts, DVDs, and apps to create these Resource Guides.

Each Resource Guide is broken down by resource level (Emerging, Moderate, Strong/High, and Family) and by resource type (Print, Audio, Video, Web).  The cost of the resources found in these guides varies, but many are free!

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Take our Burning Hearts Prayer Survey and one of our Disciples will help you identify the resources best for your level and learning style..  After taking the survey, we'll send you this sample page from Resource Guide that fits your needs at no charge!

As you continue on your discipleship journey, know that we are praying for you.  If you have questions, concerns, or find that the resources here aren’t exactly what you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.