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Strategic Planning for Evangelization | DISCIPLESHIP COMPASS

One Size Does NOT Fit All

There are hundreds of programs, books, and ministries today that claim to be ‘the way’ to live the Church’s call to New Evangelization. However, the reality is that there is no one program, book, or DVD series that will fit your community’s specific charisms and culture.

Our Discipleship Compass helps you choose and adapt the available resources to create a plan for encounters that work for your community. The Compass also helps you create a plan for accompaniment that will keep the culture of discipleship growing within your group.

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  • You need practical ideas that fit your community's personality, culture and resources.
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  • You need to create a culture of intentional discipleship within your faith community.
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  • You need solutions that will work with a limited budget and limited personnel resources.

Initial Meeting

Our planning team consists of experts from the business, education, and Catholic ministry worlds. We bring the best practices from all of those fields to a meeting with you and other key members of your group, parish or school…at no charge to you*! (Up to 2 hours)

At the initial meeting, we will help you:

  • understand the Discipleship Compass Process,
  • establish your group’s goals and desired timeline, and
  • determine cost estimate.

Compass Development

The Compass Planning meetings will identify the specific steps that will help your group reach the goals you’ve established. Our experts will help you:

  • recruit and launch Intercessory Prayer,
  • analyze the current situation and culture in your community,
  • brainstorm new ideas and best practices,
  • develop specific action steps and first phase implementation, and
  • identify sources for needed personnel and funding.

Workshops &  Formation Events

Our will offer formation and workshops that focus on inspiring and supporting your first wave of intentional disciples. The training equips the members of your community or group to enter into intentional and faith-building relationships. These on-going relationships form form the basis of your group’s discipleship efforts in between any programs, events, or series your community decides to use.

Each training session is fully customized to meet the unique needs of your group and address the goals identified in your Discipleship Compass.  

Follow Up & Support

Once your Discipleship Compass has been designed and the implementation has begun, we will not abandon you. Our team provides on-going mentoring and consultation for as long as we are needed.

We will follow-up with your group leader(s) to measure the results, help brainstorm solutions to obstacles, and share victory stories.

Perfect For:

  • Men's / Women’s Groups
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Catechist and Volunteer Teams
  • Liturgical and Hospitality Ministers
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Parish Councils
  • Parish Leadership Teams
  • Catholic School Staff
  • Campus Ministry Groups
  • Parish Staff

                    ...and more!


For the Christian, Jesus is “True North,” the singular point from which everything in life radiates. Let us help you point your community in the right direction.

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