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Unpacking the Art Accompaniment

Our Accompaniment Formation events focus on assisting you in providing encouragement and accountability, finding resources, and facilitating discussions that help others grow in relationship with Christ and His Church.   These events are most fruitful in the context of a full discipleship roadmap plan.  

Let Burning Hearts Disciples equip, train, and support your call to live out the New Evangelization through the art of accompaniment.    pdf Download the Flyer (46 KB)

Practical Application

Our events move beyond theory and concepts.  We focus on practical tools and discussions that help participants put the principles of accompaniment into ACTION.


Fully Customizable 

We don't just talk about accompaniment, we live it!  Every event we offer is customized and individualized to match the needs of your parish, diocese, school or organization.  

The Art of Accompaniment: INTRO MODULES 

These introductory modules build foundation upon which we help participants learn how to effectively walk with others on their journey of faith and invite others to conversion and into relationship with Jesus and His Church.  

Breaking the Silence

This session offers participants an opportunity to encounter the kerygma - the essential proclamation of the Gospel - for themselves and equips them to share both their own personal faith stories and the fundamental Story of our faith more effectively.

Your Faith Story

The most valuable way to share our faith is by telling our own story, our testimony of the difference Jesus Christ has made in our lives, in a firsthand account.  This session helps participants identify the key elements of their personal journeys to discipleship.

The "Art of Accompaniment"

This session focuses on understanding “art of accompaniment” as it relates to the New Evangelization.  We will cover what accompaniment is, why it is an essential component of any outreach we do, and how Jesus was the model for its practice.

Accompaniment Listening

This session expands on the role of listening and provides additional reflections, practical tips, and suggestions on how to begin listening with the"openness of heart which makes true conversion possible."

The Art of Accompaniment: BUILDING MODULES

These additional modules focus on applying the general concepts of the “Art of Accompaniment” to a variety of settings.  Participants learn how to implement accompaniment strategies in their specific evangelization situations.   

The Thresholds of Conversion

This session helps participants discern where someone is on the faith journey and provides next step suggestions for people at various stages of faith (see also: Thresholds of Conversion found in both Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell) 

Discipleship Mentoring

This session teaches participants how to set up a Discipleship relationship based on the principal of accompaniment.  We cover how to know you’re ready to be a mentor, the roles and responsibilities of a mentor disciple, and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Accompaniment Methods

These sessions use practical discussions and hands-on experiences to teach participants how to apply accompaniment strategies in the environments you choose to meet your unique needs:

  • Developing 1 to 1 Faith Growth Plans,
  • Leading Small Groups,
  • Parish/School Big Picture Planning,
  • In the Classroom (Teachers/Catechists) 
  • At Home (Parents/Grandparents).


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