A Way Forward Retreat

St. Mary Catholic Community •  Appleton, WI
As we prepare to create and implement a five-year strategic plan in early 2023, this retreat is an opportunity to integrate our mission, vision, and core values into our lives.

It's a moment for our parish to come together, to be inspired, to kindle the spark of the Holy Spirit as we begin to make our parish dreams a reality in our community.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee hosted a Eucharistic Revival Preparation Day on October 22, 2022.  It was a day to focus on the vision and mission of the Eucharistic Revival including various workshops on how parishes can prepare for the Revival at their parish.

Kristin Bird from Burning Hearts Disciples presented one of the workshop sessions: From Encounter to Invitation.  

Missionary discipleship begins in the encounter each person has with our Lord, Jesus Christ.   The Lord himself chose to encounter us - to draw us into closer relationship with Him - in the bread and wine that are consecrated at each Mass.  Encountering Jesus in the Eucharist changes us, strengthens us, heals us - and that encounter can begin from the moment people walk through our Church doors (or even before!)  When we truly recognize and believe that we encounter Love himself each time we approach the Eucharistic table, we are more intentional and deliberate about how we invite others in our parish to encounter the Body of Christ.

Entrust is an intensive experience through the Diocese of Green Bay where staff, volunteers, and parishioners receive the vision, formation, and practical knowledge in how to carry out the process of spiritual multiplication.  

Kristin Bird from Burning Hearts Disciples presented the session on Discipling Others One on One during the Entrust at St. Edward & Isidore in Flintville, WI.