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Making Disciples Today: Blog

The Making Disciples Today Blog has reflections to help you grow in your journey of missionary discipleship, reviews on recommended Catholic evangelization resources, and practical insight on how to evangelize in your daily life. 

In our bustling, complex world, the concept of evangelization often brings to mind images of door-to-door missionaries or street preachers. However, the heart of true evangelization is far richer and more accessible than many of us realize. It's about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ not through force or fear but through love, mercy, and genuine personal encounters.

In an illuminating tip talk with Catholics on Facebook, Kristin Bird from Burning Hearts Disciples recently delved into the essence of evangelization within the Catholic faith. She challenges the stereotypical images that might deter us from embracing our call to evangelize, offering a fresh, profoundly relational perspective on what it means to share our faith.

It was an absolute joy to sit down with Miriam Marston at Mater Dei Radio for her Blazing the Trail podcast series. I had the privilege of sharing our journey and mission with a wider audience, and particularly sharing some of what we're seeing in our accompaniment work with parishes, dioceses, and Catholic schools around the country.

As we enter the solemn season of Lent, marked by prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, we turn our hearts and minds toward deeper spiritual reflection and renewal. For those of us doing the work of evangelization, discipleship, and accompaniment in our lives and ministries, Lent offers a unique opportunity to prune the efforts and areas of our hearts that are not bearing fruit so that we can ultimately be even more fruitful (John 15:1-8).

Fasting Can Supercharge Evangelization Efforts

Fasting is one of the most ancient practices of our faith. It is referenced throughout Scripture and the writings of the Church as a means by which we fight temptation, strengthen our will, and rely on Jesus more deeply.  It's an essential practice in the life of a missionary disciple.

Evangelize on Ash Wednesday

Evangelizing Answers to Every Catholic's Favorite Ash Wednesday Question

We don't presume to have the right response for every situation, but there are a few suggestions below that might help give you a foundation whether the questioner is a stranger just trying to be helpful...