How Do You Pray?

We've adding a regular series to our blog called How Do You Pray?  It features prayer routines, suggestions, and tips of people of a variety of ages, households, work situations, schedules, and faith backgrounds.  Take a look at these prayer routines to get new ideas or encounter something that might work for you!

[Prayer] is not what we do but what God does in us, how God loves us, addresses us, looks at us, enlightens us, forgives us, heals us, purifies us and eventually transforms us.”  Dominican Nuns Ireland Family Day Address (

Looking for more concrete help?  Our Prayer Styles Survey helps you identify your current prayer attitudes and practices. We'll follow up with some suggestions for helping you set realistic goals for improving your prayer life no matter where you are today. 

Found something that works really well for you? We want to know how you discovered the right prayer routine for your current phase in life.  Submit it to our How Do You Pray Series!

How Do You Pray?
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