The "R" Father: 14 Ways to Respond to the Lord's Prayer (-BOOK-)

Many would say the most important prayer we can say is the "Our Father" Why? Because Jesus himself taught us this prayer!  And yet, it is so easy to fall into the rote repetition of the words of this classic prayer without really engaging our hearts with it. More than a series of petitions, the Lord's Prayer is a way for us to connect deeply with the heart of our heavenly Father.  In The "R" Father, popular Catholic author Mark Hart reflects on each of the words and phrases of the Our Father, he emphasizes the intimate relationship that God desires to have with us.

By breaking down this prayer into bite size pieces, Hart makes the depth and richness of this prayer come a live in a new way.  Despite having been a cradle Catholic who has said more "Our Fathers" than I could ever count, I had no idea of the deep meaning underlying each phrase.

One of the great things about this book is the author's easy to read and grounded writing style.  Hart masterfully blends wit and wisdom in a way that leaves no doubt that the Holy Spirit is working through his words.

I highly recommend this read to the beginner as well as the more advanced prayer warrior. It has changed the way I will say this most important prayer...forever!

Featured author:

Mark HartMark Hart is executive vice president for Life Teen International and is affectionately known to millions across the world simply as the "Bible GeekĀ®." An award-winning author and producer, Mark is a popular speaker and regular guest on several Catholic radio shows. His weekly podcast and DVD bible study resources have helped Catholics of all ages read and study Scripture. Mark lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife, Melanie, and their three daughters, Hope, Trinity, and Faith.

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