Equip Staff, Councils & Leaders for Mission

We build relationships with the leadership teams at parishes, dioceses, schools and help you discern your next best step toward creating a culture of intentional discipleship.  Every community's goals, gifts, and demographics are a little different, and every path is a little different.  We can help YOUR team find YOUR path.  

There is no single program, book, DVD series, or process that will fit your community’s specific charisms and culture.  We provide encouragement and accountability, help uncover resources, and facilitate discussions that can create a concrete path for mission that works for YOU.  

Because we know that one size does NOT fit all, the leadership equipping process is tailored to fit YOUR team.  

Not sure where to begin? Don't have a solid leadership team? 

We can help you identify, call & form leaders.

Need to get your existing staff & councils focused on mission?  

We'll get you all moving in the same direction.

Struggling to break through unresolved tension or unhealthy team dymanics?  

We have experience with change management & conflict resolution.  


dangerous to go alone memeWe believe it is through the art of accompaniment - walking with pople, meeting them where they are at and sharing in their joys and sorrows and steadily witnessing to the power of Jesus Christ in our own lives - that we can not only make disciples of Jesus, but we can also become more fully His disciples ourselves.

We are committed to walking with you, your leaders, and your entire community as we seek to know Jesus and His Church together.  The work of evangelization is, above all, relational.  To walk with you on your communitiy's journey of discipleship, whether it is for just one retreat or event or for a long term relationship of growth together, is the heart of our mission.  

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  • "I wasn't planning to stay, but I couldn't leave!"

    I have been to many conferences and talks in the past 18 years as a DRE.  This was the BEST!  I have heard all the great speakers including Dr. Sri, Scott Hahn, and Jeff Cavins; Kristin is very much as good or better.  I wasn't planning to stay for the entire day.  I was going to help out with hospitality and then go do other work - but I couldn't leave!   Thank you!

    Director of Religious Education
    Diocese of LaCrosse

  • "You encouraged me to pursue my own healing"

    I’ve been thinking about the witness on your family you shared at the Discipleship Formation Seminar I and I am so thankful that you did. It struck me so profoundly and beautifully, that I am still thinking about it. Your courage and the way you were able to simply be honest really resonated with me and my own family, so thank you. Thank you for being willing to share it because it encouraged me to pursue my own healing. It still has a long way to go, but it’s on its way.

    Diocesan Director

  • Thank you!

    My catechists and I really enjoyed your talk on discipleship and catechesis. I think many really did have a few “take-aways” they will be incorporating into their lives and those children and youth they serve.

    Religious Education Coordinator,
    Winneconne, WI

  • "I finally get it"

    After 60 years, I finally get it:  Jesus really does love me, doesn't he?

    Parish Council Member
    Oshkosh, WI

  • "I'm able to appreciate God's love"

    The presenter's story was very moving and allowed me to open up more about my personal story.  I found myself thinking about the presence of God in moments I might otherwise have missed  I'm able to appreciate God's love and presence more now.  It's made me more aware of how often He is there and all the chances I have to acknowledge Him.

    Diocesan Employee
    Diocese of Green Bay, WI