March 2020 - The Adventure of Sharing Christ


Evangelizing Today's World: The Power of Story (Kristin Bird)

The most powerful tool in your evangelizing toolbox is your story. The most valuable way to share our faith is by telling our own story. Your testimony of the difference Jesus Christ has made in your life is the most powerful way to share our faith in today's world. Discover how to share your story and why the impact of story is so profound for today's world.

On March 6-7, 2020, a variety of Catholic women are coming together online to share stories, insights, and outreach.

Our world is broken and hurting. The power of Jesus Christ is transforming lives every day. In this event, our sister disciples are equipping us to share the good news, and your story.  Wondering if God matters? These Catholic women are sharing stories and insights out of lives charged with living grace, and excitement!