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Making Disciples Today: Blog

It was an absolute joy to sit down with Miriam Marston at Mater Dei Radio for her Blazing the Trail podcast series. I had the privilege of sharing our journey and mission with a wider audience, and particularly sharing some of what we're seeing in our accompaniment work with parishes, dioceses, and Catholic schools around the country.

During our conversation, we explored the various facets of Burning Hearts Disciples, from how we got started 9+ years ago, the ways the Holy Spirit has surprised us along the way, and the obstacles and fruits we've seen as we seek to inspire a culture of discipleship and live out the art of accompaniment. I had the opportunity to reflect on my personal journey with Burning Hearts Disciples, highlighting the challenges, growth, and moments of profound grace that have shaped my faith and leadership.

I am deeply grateful to Mater Dei Radio for providing a platform to amplify our message and share our story with a wider audience. It's always humbling experience to share the impact of our work, and to hopefully inspire listeners to embark on their own journey of faith and discipleship.

To all who tuned in to the "Blazing The Trail" episode featuring Burning Hearts Disciples, thank you for your time and attention. May our conversation serve as a beacon of hope and encouragement as you continue to navigate your own journey of discipleship!  

If you would like more information on how Burning Hearts Disciples can help your parish, diocese, or school, check out some of the links below or get in touch with us today.  We'd love to start a conversation with you!