• Unpacking the Art Accompaniment

    Our Accompaniment Formation events focus on assisting you in providing encouragement and accountability, finding resources, and facilitating discussions that help others grow in relationship with Christ and His Church.   These events are most fruitful in the context of a

  • Accompaniment After Retreats, Summer Camps & Mission Trips

    "To convert someone take them by the hand and guide them."  St. Thomas Aquinas

    I spent 15 years as a youth minister taking teenagers and young adults on retreats, conferences, mission trips, and summer camps.  I'm also the product of those experiences - my earliest memory of encounter with Jesus was as a teenager at a World Youth Day Mass.  My inital conversion

  • Following Christ Means Letting Go

    There is a cost of discipleship — Jesus sometimes calls us to leave behind professions, friends, even family.  Does that mean that work and human relationships are at odds with growing in our relationship with God?  The concept of detachment can help us understand this

  • Green Bay Discipleship Seminar II: Follow Jesus

    Diocese of Green Bay Discipleship Seminar II: Follow Jesus

    Burning Hearts Disciples is assisting the Diocese of Green Bay in continuing to deepening our friendship with Jesus Christ through Regional Discipleship Formation Seminars. These one-day seminars are designed to help

  • The Popes on the Art of Accompaniment

    During World Youth Day 2013, Pope Francis issued a challenge to today's church:

    “[W]e need a church capable of walking at people’s side, of doing more than simply listening to them; a church that accompanies them on their journey; a church able to make